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  1. Executive Council passes 2021 budget, including $1 million in relief... Posted: Oct 12, 2020
    Author: By David Paulsen
  2. Disciplinary panel finds Albany Bishop William Love broke church law... Posted: Oct 5, 2020
    Author: By Egan Millard
  3. Union of Black Episcopalians ‘family reunion’ in Los Angeles concludes,... Posted: Jul 29, 2019
    Author: By Pat McCaughan
  4. Episcopalians testify in support of slavery reparations bill in House... Posted: Jun 20, 2019
    Author: By Carrie Graves
  5. Executive Council takes action on series of revenue questions Posted: Feb 24, 2019
    Author: By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  6. As Episcopal Church pushes to end mass incarceration, New York... Posted: Feb 4, 2019
    Author: By David Paulsen
  7. Summary guide to the major issues facing General Convention Posted: Jul 2, 2018
    Author: By ENS Staff
  8. Bishops propose solution for full access to same-sex marriage rites Posted: Jun 29, 2018
    Author: By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  9. U.S. Supreme Court asked to review South Carolina property decision Posted: Feb 14, 2018
    Author: By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  10. Council proposes balanced draft budget with $133.7 million price tag... Posted: Jan 24, 2018
    Author: By Mary Frances Schjonberg

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