1. Stations of the Cross for Sex Trafficking Survivors
    New York, NY
    Apr. 6, 2019
  2. The Value of Sanctuary: The Cathedral of St. John the Divine presents a full slate of programs
    New York, NY
    March 1-31
  3. Ireland and Scotland Pilgrimage
    Ireland & Scotland
    May 3-18
  4. International reconciler Nadim Nassar brings hope to Charlotte, San Francisco
    Charlotte, NC and San Francisco, CA
    March 19-31
  5. In Response to Opioid Epidemic, Pilgrims Go the Way of Love
    East Charleston, WV
    March 26-27
  6. 2019 GEMN Global Mission Conference in the Dominican Republic
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Apr. 3-5
  7. The Teenage Brain
    New York, NY
    Apr. 3
  8. Inaugural Helen White Memorial Lecture: “Why Read the Bible?”
    Philadelphia, PA
    Apr. 13
  9. Lazarus, Come Out: Reflections on John 11
    Sewanee, TN
    Apr. 13
  10. Micah Thomas: The Future of Jazz Piano
    Philadelphia, PA
    Apr. 18
  11. Festival of Homiletics
    Minneapolis, MN
    May 13-17
  12. In the Footsteps of the Celtic Saints: Pilgrimage to Wales & Ancient Ireland
    Wales and Ireland
    May 18-30
  13. Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Clergy 2019-2020
    Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
    May 20, 2019-May 20, 2020
  14. Sustainable Agriculture and Christian Discipleship
    Healdsburg, CA
    May 29-31
  15. Grace and Gardens | VTS Announces England Pilgrimage for Summer 2019
    May 29-June 11
  16. Uncharted Gathering: Local Formation Looks to the Horizon
    Minneapolis, MN
    May 29-31
  17. Parish Development Clinic: Benedictine Rhythms
    Seattle, WA
    June 4-7
  18. Invite Welcome Connect Summit
    Sewanee, TN
    June 12-14
  19. Missional Voices National Gathering
    New Orleans, LA
    June 13-15
  20. Pathways of Grace: Adoration, Awe & Service
    Seattle, WA
    June 15
  21. Tri-History Conference 2019
    Toronto, Canada
    June 18-21
  22. Uncharted: Young Adult and Campus Ministry Conference
    Boston, MA
    June 19-22
  23. Love God, Love Neighbor: Advocacy in Action
    Washington, D.C.
    June 27-28
  24. Christian Heritage in England & Scotland w/ Time on Iona
    United Kingdom
    June 30-July 11
  25. Trinity Retreat Center Retreats
    West Cornwall, CT
    All Year
  26. Holy Cross Monastery Retreats
    West Park, NY
    All Year
  27. Pilgrimage to Gladstone’s Library
    Hawarden, U.K.
    July 2-7
  28. The Courage to Grow Old
    Sewanee, TN
    July 6
  29. Volunteer Disaster Chaplaincy Training
    Sewanee, TN
    July 15-17
  30. SUMMA Theological Debate Camp
    Sewanee, TN
    July 16-24