1. New Episcopal Community Discerning Missional Leadership Retreat
    Atlanta, GA
    May 21-24, 2019
  2. Memorial Service for Canon Diane Marie Porter
    Brooklyn, NY
    May 25
  3. Sustainable Agriculture and Christian Discipleship
    Healdsburg, CA
    May 29-31
  4. Uncharted Gathering: Local Formation Looks to the Horizon
    Minneapolis, MN
    May 29-31
  5. Micah Thomas
    Philadelphia, PA
    May 30
  6. Churches & Rainbow Flags
    Yarmouth, MA
    June 1-30
  7. Plainsong Farm Young Adult Fellowship
    Rockford, MI
    June 2 - Aug. 16
  8. Parish Development Clinic: Benedictine Rhythms
    Seattle, WA
    June 4-7
  9. Association for Episcopal Deacons Triennial Conference
    Providence, RI
    June 6-9
  10. Thistle Farms National Conference
    Nashville, TN
    June 9-11
  11. Invite Welcome Connect Summit
    Sewanee, TN
    June 12-14
  12. Missional Voices National Gathering
    New Orleans, LA
    June 13-15
  13. Jazz for Justice: A Wynton Marsalis Performance
    New York, NY
    June 14
  14. Pathways of Grace: Adoration, Awe & Service
    Seattle, WA
    June 15
  15. Strawberry Festival
    Stone Harbor, NJ
    June 16
  16. Tri-History Conference 2019
    Toronto, Canada
    June 18-21
  17. Eucharistic Festival – Diocese of Fond du Lac
    Fond du Lac, WI
    June 29
  18. Christian Heritage in England & Scotland w/ Time on Iona
    United Kingdom
    June 30-July 11
  19. Trinity Retreat Center Retreats
    West Cornwall, CT
    All Year
  20. Holy Cross Monastery Retreats
    West Park, NY
    All Year
  21. Pilgrimage to Gladstone’s Library
    Hawarden, U.K.
    July 2-7
  22. The Courage to Grow Old
    Sewanee, TN
    July 13
  23. Volunteer Disaster Chaplaincy Training
    Sewanee, TN
    July 15-17
  24. SUMMA Theological Debate Camp
    Sewanee, TN
    July 16-24
  25. Experiencing Our Anglican Heritage in England w/ The Rev. Joe Woodfin
    July 16-24
  26. Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales
    Panama City, Panama
    July 17-20
  27. Union of Black Episcopalians 51st Annual Business Meeting and Conference
    Los Angeles, CA
    July 22-26
  28. More Than a Game: Baseball and Faith Pilgrimage to Chicago
    Chicago, IL
    Aug. 6-11
  29. Pathways of Grace: Justice, Saint Mary, Jon Daniels
    Seattle, WA
    Aug. 14
  30. Parish Development Clinic: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice
    Seattle, WA
    Sept. 10-13