Church of England helps win ExxonMobil shareholder battle over climate change

Posted Jun 1, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] Shareholders of the oil giant ExxonMobil pushed through a resolution on climate change at the company’s AGM on May 31 despite strong opposition from the board of directors. The motion, tabled by the Church Commissioners, the financial arm of the Church of England, with the New York State Comptroller, will require the company to provide annual reports on showing how the business will be affected by global efforts to reduce climate change.

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Editor’s note: While the Episcopal Church did not participate in the shareholder action at the Exxon Mobile meeting, the Executive Council has instructed that the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society’s investment shares should be voted in support of resolutions that encourage reduction of climate risks and stewardship of the environment.


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  1. Barbara Cavin says:

    I am pleased that the Episcopal Church and other religious entries will continue to advocate for reducing our affect on the earth’s climate. I look to the worldwide religious community to do the moral work that the American government is not willing to do; that is to protect our environment.

  2. Mel Jenkins says:

    On the right-side of history!

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