Theologian defends universities against charges they are seedbeds of "political correctness"

Posted Mar 24, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] Higton, a professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, has presented the fourth Dr. Rowan Williams Annual CUAC Lecture, sponsored by Colleges & Universities of the Anglican Communion. It was given at Trinity College, Toronto, earlier in March.

In a lecture exploring how universities can be “good” – in the Christian sense – while also being good at the many other things expected of them, Higton defended universities against charges they are seedbeds of “political correctness.”

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  1. Susan Zimmerman says:

    …this article demonstrates no ability to write expositorily…the author constantly speaks of the practical , with the political foundations and throws in understanding (the theoretical) whenever…how did he get a PH.D?

  2. F William Thewalt says:

    There still remains the conflict of free speech and political correctness in a university setting. Any move to stifle free speech is a move to cut off an opinion or point of view to achieve what some feel is correct. How do you hear of other points of view?

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