Canada: Diocese of Toronto elects first openly gay bishop

By Tali Folkins
Posted Sep 21, 2016

[Anglican Journal] A gay man living with a male partner is among three priests who were elected suffragan bishops in the Diocese of Toronto last weekend.

On Saturday, Sept. 17, members of an electoral synod elected the Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw, the Rev. Canon Kevin Robertson and the Rev. Canon Jenny Andison as suffragan, or assistant, bishops. Each will be responsible for one of the diocese’s four episcopal areas: York-Scarborough, York-Credit Valley, Trent-Durham and York-Simcoe. Archbishop Colin Johnson, diocesan bishop, will decide which bishop will serve in each area. Bishop Peter Fenty is currently the bishop responsible for York-Simcoe.

Robertson, incumbent at Christ Church, Deer Park in Toronto, was elected on the fourth ballot of the second election. According to an article on the Diocese of Toronto website, Robertson, who lives with his male partner, said it was a “historic day.” He said he believed he was the first openly gay and partnered bishop-elect in the diocese and perhaps even in the entire Anglican Church of Canada.

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  1. Mark Raymond Wood says:

    Is the Bishop-elect married to the man he lives with?

  2. Bill Wood says:

    It is my understanding that the Anglican Church of Canada currently permits only the blessing of same sex unions and that any decision to amend cannon law to allow gay marriage would not be decided until General Synod in 2019.

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