Indianapolis Bishop Waynick announces retirement plan

By ENS staff
Posted May 7, 2015

[Episcopal News Service] Bishop Catherine M. Waynick of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis has announced that she plans to retire two years from now and has called for the election of her successor.

Waynick expects to retire as a new bishop is ordained and consecrated on April  22, 2017. Waynick’s successor will be elected at the diocesan convention in October 2016.

Waynick has served the Indianapolis diocese as its 10th bishop since 1997. By the time of her retirement, Waynick will be 69. The Episcopal Church requires all clergy and bishops to retire, technically to resign, when they reach the age of 72.

In a letter to the diocese, Waynick said that her 18 years as bishop have been a joy and a blessing, but that in retirement she looks forward to spending more time with her husband Larry.

Links to her letter, her biographical information, photos and information on the search can be found here.


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  1. Jody Morse says:

    Cate … it has been lovely following you as you moved on to Indianapolis. I enjoyed seeing your photos from Israel. After we left Bloomfield Hills, Bill and I owned and operated a resort in Northern MI. We attended Christ Church, East Tawas. Then after his 2 heart attacks we moved to WV. Not sure if you know Bill died 15 years ago. I have a fine church family here in Clarksburg … another Christ Church so I feel right at home.
    Best to Larry and much love to you

  2. Mike Robinson says:

    Leave it to Cate. A perfect cut off.

    A one-time Choir Mate

  3. Lisa Fox says:

    Bishop Waynick has been marvelous. I’m sad she’s retiring (though happy for her). Her calm, steady, sure voice will be missed!

  4. Chris Yaw says:

    Congratulations on an exemplary episcopate. May her successor be as successful.

  5. Nathan D. Baxter says:

    It has been my joy to have worked with Bp Kate when as a priest and fellow bishop visiting her diocese, through her visits to the National Cathedral and in the HOB. What an extraordinary leader and pastor. Well done.

  6. Linda Kraatz says:

    Blessing as you contimie your journey . peace to you!!!

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