Rest in Peace: ‘Laptop,’ resident Canterbury Cathedral cat

Posted Sep 20, 2013

ens_092013_WW_cat2[Canterbury Cathedral press release] We are sad to report the death of Laptop, the Cathedral cat. The friendly feline had lived at the Cathedral for many years and it was estimated that he was over 18 years old.

Laptop was a free spirit and the exact story of how he came to live at the Cathedral is somewhat of a mystery. It is believed he started his life here visiting the choir boys at Choir House, and this is how we think he got his name, as he was forever trying to jump on people’s lap when they stroked him.

Several years ago, the choral boarding house was renovated and Laptop decided to make the Cloisters his home, and this is where he happily stayed.

The Cathedral cleaners cared for him and made sure he was well fed and looked after. He would happily greet and walk with the vergers every morning as they opened up the Cloisters and his routine was always to mew at the Martyrdom door just before Matins so he could go in and attend the service; he even had his own chair. He would while away many a sunny afternoon stretched out in the Water Tower garden and so it seemed only appropriate that we laid him to rest in one of his favorite spots.

He was a friendly and content cat, adored by the staff and volunteers at the Cathedral. He has welcomed millions of visitors — and probably appeared in thousands of photographs — to the Cloisters over the years. Since his death, we have been amazed at the number of visitors and volunteers who have contacted us to share their fond memories of the Cloister resident.

A selection of Laptop photos is here.


Comments (4)

  1. Donald Lowery says:

    All things bright and beautiful,
    All creatures great and small,
    All things wise and wonderful,
    The Lord God made them all.

  2. Jay Woods says:

    A sweet, sweet spirit in that place has been sadly lost.

  3. John R Huff Jr. says:

    There is nothing more loving than a cat laying on your lap. He lived a good life.

  4. Carol Turner says:

    To feel needed and loved; get a cat. Thank-you Laptop and every cat I have ever had, what wonderful friends, God’s Blessings to you all

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