The Episcopal Church invites all clergy to ‘be a part of the picture’ as it seeks to Become Beloved Community

Efforts will help the church better understand the diverse experiences of clergy

Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
Posted Jul 28, 2020

The Episcopal Church and the Church Pension Group (CPG) announced that the Recorder of Ordinations will begin to collect data on race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation from all clergy. The data will be used to assist the Church in understanding how different groups are treated in terms of deployment and compensation, as well as in Episcopal elections. Responding to resolutions passed by the 79th General Convention, CPG updated various technology systems so it could collect the requested demographic information that it did not collect previously. The newly requested data will only be used for analysis and reported in aggregate form. The data will not be published or used to administer benefits and will not be printed in the Episcopal Clerical Directory. Individual clergy can visit to update their profile and to learn more.

“We are delighted to support The Episcopal Church’s Becoming Beloved Community initiative,” said Mary Kate Wold, CEO and President of CPG. “As a more fulsome demographic picture emerges, the Church will be in a better position to examine trends and respond to inequalities.”

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church, shared, “If our vision is to reflect the vision of Jesus, we need to know how close we are to it. Having a picture will help us understand how we are doing on the journey to looking like God’s Beloved Community. These data will help us engage issues of racism and full inclusion that reflect the outstretched arms of Jesus embracing all the Church with the same outstretched arms.”

79th General Convention Resolutions: