General Seminary to Honor LGBTQIA+ Life and Memory during ‘Queer Advent’

General Theological Seminary
Posted Nov 8, 2022

When AIDS was first identified in New York in 1982, communities of faith were required to face their own sense of belonging and mission. In honor of these 40 years of awareness and activism, General Theological Seminary’s Center for Queer Theology is curating Queer Advent | Anticipating Joy, a four-week worship series centering LGBTQ+ life and celebration this holiday season.

Conceived by The Rev. Dr.  Eric Thomas, Creative Director, and The Rev. Dr. Carla Roland Guzmán, Executive Producer, under the musical direction of Buck McDaniel, General Seminary alumni, current and former sacristans, and staff will come together for these special evensongs, presenting radical interpolations of General’s rich tradition of chorale worship within the context of LGBTQ+ identity and joy in liturgy in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan.

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“The act of anticipating joy is a reclamation of wonder and promise. Queer Advent is an invitation for the City to anticipate of the coming Savior who will be and is God-with-us — a promise denied to many LGBTQIA+ persons, especially the generation lost to the AIDS epidemic. Queer Advent begins with remembering and culminates with radical rejoicing — as the glory of the LORD is revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”

The Rev. Dr. Eric A. Thomas