General Convention digest

July 11, 2012

Posted Jul 11, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] The following is a daily round up of other news at the 77th General Convention on July 11.

Bishop Jerry Lamb hospitalized after two ‘small strokes’

Bishop Jerry Lamb, retired Bishop of Northern California, was hospitalized July 11, according to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Lamb, who served as interim bishop in Nevada and provisional bishop in San Joaquin, was in Indianapolis attending the House of Bishops General Convention meeting. He was taken to Methodist Hospital because he wasn’t feeling well, according to San Joaquin Provisional Bishop Chet Talton, who visited Lamb.

“While he was at the hospital, he suffered two small strokes,” Talton said in a telephone call to the Episcopal News Service. “I saw him in the emergency room, but the hospital was moving him to a room. They are working now to discover why he had the stroke. He was moving and speaking and he seemed OK but he has had a lot of visitors and the doctors are saying he needs to rest. He doesn’t need any more visitors.”

Meanwhile, his wife, Jane Lamb, had returned to their hotel to rest also, Talton said. It was not immediately clear when Lamb might be able to leave the hospital.

Deputies play ball — Bonnie Ball

The members of the House of Deputies conduct the business of the church in an aura of parliamentary collegiality every day. Behind the scenes, however, there is intense competition. A number of the deputies are engaged in a convention-long game of Bonnie Ball.

Participants are able to collect points for engaging in activities or having certain experiences in the course of the participation in the House of Deputies. There are 28 possible ways to earn points. For instance, a member of the house can earn 10 points if he or she has to be reminded of the “decorum of the House” or if one tries to make up a new parliamentary rule or procedure (such as a “friendly amendment”). Fifteen points are earned by a deputy who mentions Bonnie Ball while addressing the chair.

Each day of the convention constitutes an inning and thus the game consists of eight innings.

The Rev. Canon Gregory Straub, the church’s executive officer and secretary of the General Convention, holds a commanding lead of 50 points. His closest competitor is Massachusetts Deputy Samuel Gould with 27 points.

The origins of this moveable feast of point gathering are secret, the Rt. Rev. William White, first bishop of Pennsylvania, told ENS via e-mail July 11.

White, who served as Pennsylvania bishop from Feb. 4, 1787 until his death July 17, 1836, is the umpire of Bonnie Ball. The ump’s/bishop’s comments on the play, along with the comments of some players, are here.

“And I can tell you that we are having a hoot of a good time knowing that others are as well!” White wrote.

The Bonnie Ball website urges players and fans to make a donation to Episcopal Relief and Development’s NetsforLife® Inspiration Fund.

— Episcopal News Service members Pat McCaughan, Mary Frances Schjonberg and Melodie Woerman contributed to this digest.