Second annual celebration of Religious Life Sunday to be observed on Sunday, Jan. 21

Posted Dec 1, 2023

Annual meeting of NAECC, 2023

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church approved resolution 2022-B004, “Foundation of Religious Life Sunday,” to be commemorated each year on the 3rd Sunday of Epiphany. The purpose of this observance is to share with all Episcopalians the existence of vowed religious orders and Christian communities, their residential and dispersed ways of life, and what resources and support they have to offer.

We believe that religious life has something for everyone in The Episcopal Church!  Through contact with our religious orders and communities there is companionship to help deepen relationship with God and to help center lives in Christ.

Annual meeting of CAROA, 2023

Our vowed religious—living as monks, nuns, sisters, brothers, and friars—have deep experience of traditions and practices that assist in developing spiritual growth and discernment. Vowed religious teach about prayer practices, lead retreats, give spiritual direction, assist in writing and living a rule of life, give presentations about the spiritual journey, and provide spiritual friendship. Our residential religious communities offer hospitality for short visits or longer retreats. Dispersed Christian Communities offer fellowship and connection for members who live independently.

Religious communities also provide mutual spiritual connection to associates and oblates who enter a special relationship to the community. Our communities are eager to welcome new members to join in our vowed lives and to carry forward our ministries and traditions.

The website for Religious Life Sunday,, includes videos, written resources, a list of speakers, and other resources to help Episcopalians and others connect with religious communities and to join in the celebration of Religious Life Sunday.