ChurchNext launches free online course ‘Civil Conversation in Uncivil Times’ with journalist and author Ray Suarez

Posted Sep 29, 2020

Free Worldwide Class to Launch with Journalist and Author Ray Suarez
Civil Conversation in Uncivil Times:
Practicing Our Faith in the Public Square with Ray Suarez

On October 12, 2020 students from around the world can begin taking a free, online class to help people of faith and their communities better understand the dynamics at play in this year’s elections and to learn how to respond faithfully.

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The United States is entering what may be the most contentious election cycle in modern times. People around the world are worried and seeking direction. Journalist Ray Suarez, who has covered national politics for decades with the Public Broadcasting System, Al Jeerez, and Public Radio International, has done so as a person of faith. As a devout Episcopalian, he brings a helpful and reasoned viewpoint into how Christians might move through this time with grace, respect, and hope.

“I think our nation is at a critical point right now,” said Mr. Suarez, “We’ve never seen such contention and division, however I do think there is a way Christians can faithfully navigate these waters.”

In this course, Suarez gives us four presentations: the challenge of civility, scripture and civility, what civility might look like, and how we might get there.

The Big Class is a series of video lectures, quizzes, and discussions. No special software is required. It will take an average learner about 45 minutes to complete. Registration is free and open to all. Click here for more information and to register, there you’ll find resources for congregational use, including downloadable posters, bulletin inserts and a Launch Guide.

This free class is is brought to you by The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Church Foundation, Trinity Wall Street, the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes, Forward Movement, and ChurchNext.

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