Applications for Adult Written Materials now accepted

Church Periodical Club
Posted Jan 4, 2024

Grant applications for adult written materials are now being accepted until March 1. Guidelines at

Applications at

Adult applications are accepted only once a year.

For more than 120 years, the Church Periodical Club has participated in the Church’s mission to spread the Gospel by providing printed materials. This Ministry of the Printed Word is done by awarding grants through the National Books Fund and Miles of Pennies (designed exclusively for children’s needs).

What is granted?
Grants are made for written materials of all types (such as books, magazines, e-books, computer software). The specific materials are determined and purchased by the recipients. Materials may be religious or secular but must be used within the mission of the Church. Grants are not given for equipment (such as projectors, computers, shelves), operating expenses (such as postage and stationery) or for the production of material (such as translations or printing). There will be a limit of one grant per purpose, except for domestic and overseas seminaries. Seminarian grants will be given through seminaries, both domestic and overseas.

Who is eligible?
Any organization or individual whose work is affiliated with the Anglican Communion may apply. Organizations may be eligible if the Anglican or Episcopal bishop in the appropriate area endorses the request and shows its relationship to the priorities of that diocese. The need for materials to carry out the mission of the Church must be established for all requests and there must be financial need.

In 2023, CPC awarded to 9 episcopal seminaries, 9 Domestic grants and 1 overseas grant.

Contact Maryfran Crist at for assistance.