ENS Senior Editor and Reporter Mary Frances Schjonberg heading on sabbatical

Posted Aug 30, 2018

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, Episcopal News Service’s senior editor and reporter, will begin a three-month sabbatical on Sept. 4. She will return on Dec. 5.

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (the nonprofit corporate entity through which the Episcopal Church owns property and does business) offers such leaves to all regular employees who have satisfactorily completed five years of continuous, full-time service. Sabbaticals are meant for personal and spiritual refreshment and professional growth.

News and tips maybe be sent to ENS Managing Editor Lynette Wilson (lwilson@episopalchurch.org) and ENS Editor and Reporter David Paulsen (dpaulsen@episopalchurch.org) during Schjonberg’s absence.