Title IV

  1. Presiding bishop announces Title IV transparency webpage detailing cases against bishops
    Posted Feb 22, 2024
    By David Paulsen
  2. Bishop Prince Singh’s family calls for independent investigation into presiding bishop’s handing of abus...
    Posted Jan 12, 2024
    By David Paulsen
  3. Wyoming bishop placed on leave while he faces allegations under Title IV disciplinary canons
    Posted Oct 16, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  4. Standing commission calls for churchwide input as it eyes changes to Title IV disciplinary canons
    Posted Oct 12, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  5. House of Bishops adopts statement responding to ‘pain and grief’ over Title IV disciplinary process for bishop...
    Posted Sep 22, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  6. House of Bishops hears Title IV overview and timeline of House of Deputies president’s case
    Posted Sep 20, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  7. House of Bishops starts four-day meeting; spotlight is on Title IV accountability, membership decline
    Posted Sep 19, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  8. Standing commission agrees to consider ‘needed changes in Title IV’ over cases involving bishops
    Posted Sep 12, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  9. Bishop Prince Singh resigns, the day after his ministry was restricted amid Title IV probe
    Posted Sep 8, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  10. Retired Oklahoma bishop identified as focus of presiding officer’s complaint amid calls for bishop accou...
    Posted Sep 5, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  11. House of Deputies president shares alleged incident of unwanted physical contact following conclusion of Title...
    Posted Aug 31, 2023
    By Shireen Korkzan
  12. UPDATED: Bishop Prince Singh encourages Title IV investigation after sons post abuse allegations on Facebook
    Posted Jun 21, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman