Same-Sex Blessings

  1. Church in Wales’ first same-sex couple blessing takes place
    Posted Nov 15, 2021
  2. Church in Wales approves blessing service for same-sex partnerships
    Posted Sep 10, 2021
  3. St. Paul’s by the Sea to conduct same-sex blessings, marriages
    Posted Mar 6, 2020
    St. Paul’s by the Sea
  4. Australian and Irish bishops issue separate statements on same-sex relationships
    Posted May 15, 2018
  5. Anglican Church in New Zealand opens the door to blessing same-sex relationships
    Posted May 9, 2018
  6. General Convention will again grapple with same-sex marriage questions
    Posted Apr 4, 2018
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  7. Convention’s marriage task force proposes non-marriage rites, ways to minister to cohabitants
    Posted Apr 4, 2018
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  8. Sexuality working group recommends services of blessing without changing formularies
    Posted Jan 22, 2018
  9. No easy solution to same-sex marriage issue, secretary general tells Synod
    Posted Feb 16, 2017
  10. Structural arrangements sought to keep sides in same-sex relationship debate united
    Posted Oct 28, 2016
    By Gavin Drake
  11. Anglican Church of Southern Africa rejects blessing of same-sex civil unions
    Posted Sep 30, 2016
  12. Southern African synod to consider blessing same-sex civil unions
    Posted Aug 17, 2016
    By Gavin Drake
  13. Curry: ‘Jesus doesn’t allow us the option of self-righteousness’
    Posted Jul 11, 2016
    By André Forget
  14. Report urges Anglicans to defeat laws criminalizing same-sex behavior
    Posted Jun 22, 2016
    By ENS staff
  15. New Zealand postpones decision on same-sex blessings
    Posted May 12, 2016
    by Gavin Drake
  16. Aotearoa, NZ and Polynesia pledges equal gender representation
    Posted May 10, 2016
  17. Episcopal Church commended for respecting differences on marriage
    Posted Apr 11, 2016
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  18. Canadian bishops split three ways over same-sex marriage: Hiltz
    Posted Mar 4, 2016
    By Tali Folkins
  19. New Zealand working group reports on same-sex relationships
    Posted Feb 22, 2016
  20. Marriage task force calls for gender-neutral language in marriage canon
    Posted Feb 4, 2015
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg