Poverty & Hunger

  1. Episcopal foundation in Georgia raises $26,000 for anti-hunger efforts at walk/run
    Posted Apr 26, 2017
  2. EPPN: Take action on hunger in Haiti
    Posted Apr 25, 2017
  3. Tiny house ‘village’ for homeless developing with help of Montana church
    Posted Mar 6, 2017
    By David Paulsen
  4. Una ‘aldea’ de casitas para indigentes con ayuda de una iglesia de Montana
    Posted Mar 6, 2017
    Por David Paulsen
  5. EPPN: Help address famine in South Sudan
    Posted Mar 3, 2017
  6. Episcopal agencies weigh renewed aid efforts in South Sudan after famine declared
    Posted Feb 28, 2017
    By David Paulsen
  7. Anglican Church in Burundi takes action to help families threatened by famine
    Posted Feb 27, 2017
  8. Little church hosts big ministry with free lunches in Minnesota
    Posted Feb 9, 2017
    By David Paulsen
  9. South Sudan bishop calls for urgent food and medical supplies
    Posted Feb 6, 2017
  10. St. Paul’s shelters the homeless during northern California’s floods
    Posted Jan 11, 2017
    By Paula Schaap
  11. ‘Love ’em and feed ’em’ is mission of St. Luke’s student lunch program
    Posted Jan 9, 2017
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  12. Starving communities in Africa reduced to eating toxic locusts
    Posted Dec 15, 2016
  13. Millions face starvation as famine hits southern Africa
    Posted Nov 16, 2016
    By Gavin Drake
  14. Mosque steps in to feed homeless as fire forces continued closure of Exeter Cathedral
    Posted Nov 1, 2016
    By Gavin Drake
  15. Memphis church leads effort to tend homeless neighbors
    Posted Oct 13, 2016
    By David Paulsen
  16. Canadian Foodgrains tries new model of charity crop-growing
    Posted Sep 16, 2016
    By Tali Folkins
  17. Threshing to end global hunger
    Posted Aug 9, 2016
  18. Church tackles female poverty and child marriages with education boost
    Posted Aug 4, 2016
  19. Climate change brings food insecurity to Bangladesh’s Garo community
    Posted Aug 2, 2016
  20. Christian leaders ask to meet with Trump, Clinton to discuss plans on hunger and poverty
    Posted Jul 18, 2016