1. St. John the Divine hosts vigil for unhoused and asylum-seekers in New York as migrant crisis worsens
    Posted Oct 25, 2023
    By Shireen Korkzan
  2. Episcopal churches, ecumenical partners address crisis as asylum-seekers continue to arrive daily in Chicago
    Posted Aug 1, 2023
    By Shireen Korkzan
  3. Sacramento Episcopal cathedral, area churches provide aid to migrants flown to California
    Posted Jun 21, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  4. West Texas diocese calls for volunteers, donations as Title 42 immigration restrictions expire
    Posted May 10, 2023
    By Shireen Korkzan
  5. 1,100-mile ‘Camino’ across Diocese of San Joaquin to focus on ‘migrant, climate and racial justice’
    Posted Apr 21, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  6. Closed Maine church becomes housing, community center for immigrants
    Posted Feb 2, 2023
    By Egan Millard
  7. Faith-based organizations urge Biden not to enact ‘asylum ban’
    Posted Jan 24, 2023
    By Emily McFarlan Miller
  8. Bishops visit migrant shelter in Mexico as US government seeks to limit record-high crossings
    Posted Jan 13, 2023
    By Lynette Wilson
  9. As Episcopal shelter welcomes asylum-seekers, El Paso braces for surge when Title 42 policy ends
    Posted Dec 15, 2022
    By David Paulsen
  10. Federal court keeps DACA in limbo, adding urgency to efforts to protect DREAMers
    Posted Oct 6, 2022
    By Egan Millard
  11. Ecumenical partners call for justice for migrant workers in Canada
    Posted Sep 21, 2022
  12. Episcopal church on Martha’s Vineyard takes in migrants flown in by surprise
    Posted Sep 16, 2022
    By Egan Millard
  13. Episcopal Office of Government Relations issues statement on migrants found dead in Texas
    Posted Jun 28, 2022
  14. Committees tackle range of US policies, from transgender rights to guns and political violence
    Posted Jun 23, 2022
    By David Paulsen
  15. Border & Migration Ministry Summit highlights Episcopal mission amid constant upheaval
    Posted Apr 1, 2022
    By Egan Millard
  16. Australian bishops lock themselves in cages to protest refugee detention
    Posted Feb 9, 2022
    By Elspeth Kernebone
  17. Episcopal Church to reach 100,000 people served in 40 years of refugee resettlement services
    Posted Dec 8, 2021
    By David Paulsen
  18. Massachusetts congregation to house Afghan families in temporary quarters inside church
    Posted Dec 3, 2021
    By David Paulsen
  19. Episcopal volunteers form airport welcome teams for Afghans arriving in Oklahoma City
    Posted Nov 11, 2021
    By David Paulsen
  20. Musician Joe Troop releases song, video inspired by Episcopal-supported migrant shelter
    Posted Sep 20, 2021
    By Egan Millard