1. Diocese of London launching School of Pioneers to train lay church planters
    Posted Oct 12, 2018
  2. Episcopal Church’s parochial report numbers fuel discussion of decline and rebirth
    Posted Oct 5, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  3. Episcopalians invited to grow as evangelists through 30-day challenge
    Posted Aug 28, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  4. Convention backs evangelism spending as leaders develop tools for the Jesus Movement
    Posted Jul 13, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  5. Church of England announces 100 new churches in £27 million growth program
    Posted Jul 11, 2018
  6. TEConversation speakers urge Episcopalians to embrace evangelism, share love of Jesus
    Posted Jul 7, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  7. Hearing on church planting fosters wide-ranging discussion on evangelism’s cutting edge
    Posted Jul 6, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  8. Evangelism committee members pair up to share faith, find Jesus on streets of Austin
    Posted Jul 5, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  9. El Obispo Primado encabeza una oleada de entusiasmo por la evangelización en vísperas de la Convención General...
    Posted Jul 2, 2018
    Por David Paulsen
  10. Global South theologians reflect on evangelism throughout the Anglican Communion
    Posted Jun 29, 2018
  11. Presiding Bishop leads wave of excitement for evangelism heading into General Convention
    Posted Jun 28, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  12. Church of England bishops in nationwide evangelism and church planting drive
    Posted Jun 27, 2018
  13. Two become one in this Virginia Episcopal mission
    Posted Jun 18, 2018
    By Amy Sowder
  14. Extending the Table pursues Christian ministries as means to build relationships in community
    Posted Jun 14, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  15. Peace. Prayer. Productivity: California ‘day monastery’ melds prayer, work
    Posted Jun 11, 2018
    By Pat McCaughan
  16. Después de la campaña mediática de la boda real, el Obispo Primado insta a los episcopales a propagar el mensa...
    Posted Jun 6, 2018
    Por David Paulsen
  17. After royal wedding media blitz, Presiding Bishop spurs Episcopalians to spread message of Jesus’ love
    Posted Jun 1, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  18. Ministry with Confederate roots helps African-American children become better readers, citizens
    Posted May 31, 2018
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  19. Mission developers spread the gospel and Episcopal Church’s reach into their neighborhoods
    Posted May 31, 2018
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
  20. Anglican Church of Melanesia launches Decade of Evangelism and Renewal
    Posted May 22, 2018