Anglican Communion

  1. Anglican leader in Moscow condemns sanctions against Russian patriarch
    Posted Jun 23, 2022
  2. Anglican efforts in Africa weakened by Ukraine crisis
    Posted Jun 22, 2022
    By Jenan Taylor
  3. Canadian Anglicans form committee to find new national Indigenous archbishop
    Posted Jun 13, 2022
    By Matt Puddister
  4. Archbishop of Canterbury introduces new Lambeth Conference feature: ‘Lambeth Calls’
    Posted Jun 9, 2022
  5. Nigerian, Rwandan and Ugandan bishops’ invitation to Lambeth Conference remains open
    Posted Jun 8, 2022
  6. Anglican theological educators from Central and South America consult on migration crisis
    Posted Jun 6, 2022
  7. Exclusion of same-sex spouses at Lambeth Conference ‘unfortunate,’ Canadian archbishop says
    Posted Jun 1, 2022
    By Matt Puddister
  8. Archbishop of Canterbury, pope and Church of Scotland moderator will visit South Sudan in historic peace pilgr...
    Posted May 31, 2022
  9. New Zealand Anglicans launch new disability ministry education program
    Posted May 24, 2022
    By Julanne Clarke-Morris
  10. In Australia, same-sex marriage may be left to individual dioceses
    Posted May 17, 2022
    By Kirralee Nicolle
  11. Canadian Anglicans, Roman Catholics gather in person for ecumenical dialogue
    Posted May 16, 2022
  12. Rift over same-sex marriage in Anglican Church of Australia deepens after synod vote, threatening schism
    Posted May 13, 2022
    By Egan Millard
  13. Indigenous Canadians react to archbishop of Canterbury’s apology for boarding schools
    Posted May 10, 2022
    By Sean Frankling
  14. February 2023 dates set for Anglican Consultative Council meeting
    Posted May 9, 2022
  15. Archbishop of Canterbury apologizes to Indigenous peoples of Canada
    Posted May 2, 2022
  16. New hymnal released for Anglicans and Episcopalians
    Posted May 2, 2022
    By Sean Frankling
  17. Statement from the archbishop of Canterbury on his upcoming visit to Canada
    Posted Apr 26, 2022
  18. Japan ordains first female bishop in East Asia
    Posted Apr 22, 2022
  19. Canadian bishop shares reflections on damage done to Ottawa by ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests
    Posted Apr 14, 2022
  20. Kyiv’s Anglicans spread across Europe continue to meet online
    Posted Apr 11, 2022