Who’s got talent for EYE?

Posted Sep 19, 2013

[Episcopal Youth Event press release] Today [Sept, 19] we are launching a virtual audition process for our Episcopal Youth Event 2014 house band and other musicians and vocalists.

eye_logoThe Liturgy and Music Committee of the EYE 2014 Mission Planning Team has articulated a desire for a house band to take the stage in leading worship and congregational singing.

The band needs to comprehend the magnitude of leading music for a LARGE group of people in worship and demonstrate capacity to do so. Versatility in musical styles and origins is needed to appeal to the broad cultural and musical tastes of the Episcopal Church. And the band needs to have strong leadership skills in teaching music so that all participants can feel a part of the worship.

The team is also looking for groups and individuals who plan to come to EYE and might offer their musical talents to the event by performing during one of the worship services for the prelude, offertory, or postlude, or perhaps a workshop about musical leadership, innovation, or style.

The online application is here. In addition, the team is asking for a YouTube or Vimeo link to a live performance video and an optional teaching video demonstrating the band’s style and capacity for engaging an audience.

The EYE budget will cover travel, lodging, and meals for the house band, plus a modest stipend that will be negotiated depending upon the number of band members. Individuals and groups interested in a smaller role will work with the Youth Ministries office on budgets and possible stipends.

Questions about logistics and stipends should be directed to Bronwyn Clark Skov in the Youth Ministries office at bskov@episcopalchurch.org or 646-242-1421.

The deadline for the application process is October 9.