Virginia, Anglican congregation settle property dispute

Posted May 4, 2012

[Episcopal Diocese of Virginia] The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, the Episcopal Church and Church of the Apostles Anglican, Fairfax, have reached an agreement that concludes the property dispute which began in 2006.

Under the terms of the agreement, Church of the Apostles Anglican is conveying all real and tangible personal property to the diocese, including a payment of $230,000. Apostles Anglican will retain various items of tangible personal property which will assist the congregation as it moves forward beyond this dispute. In addition, as Apostles Anglican further discerns its needs for additional items, the diocese will seek to accommodate those requests wherever possible. The diocese will retain the Episcopal parish registers and certain historic Episcopal communion silver. Apostles Anglican has withdrawn its motion to stay the [Fairfax County] Court’s Final Order and will forgo any appeal of the decision.

“This settlement allows both Church of the Apostles Anglican and the Diocese of Virginia to move forward in our ministries,” said Henry D.W. Burt, secretary of the diocese. “We look forward to the new chapter for both the Diocese of Virginia and Apostles, and we hope that the Church of the Apostles is blessed in its journey.”