Upper South Carolina: Bishop releases reflection on same-sex blessings

Posted May 9, 2014

[Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina] The Right Reverend Andrew Waldo, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina,  May 8 released “In Dialogue with Sacred Tradition:  A Pastoral and Theological Reflection on Same-Sex Blessings.”

Bishop Waldo will allow the blessings of same-sex relationships in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina under conditions outlined in the report released today.

  “My decision to allow the blessing of same-sex relationships is deeply rooted in scripture, tradition and reason and comes after four years of dialogue throughout the Diocese and a year-and-a-half of deep study and dialogue by a task force of clergy and lay persons who represent deeply diverse positions,” said Waldo.

Accompanying Bishop Waldo’s reflection is the work of his Task Force on Unity and Faithfulness, which he formed in September 2012 as a response to the General Convention 2012 passage of resolution A049, which allows provisional use of a liturgical rite for same-sex blessings.

The Task Force’s work, In Dialogue With Each Other, is a curriculum for congregations and encourages dialogue among clergy and parishioners, regardless of their beliefs on this issue.  Completion of the curriculum is mandatory for congregations that desire to bless same-sex relationships.
“Both my reflection and the curriculum seek to embody a robust dialogue focused on the ministry of reconciliation to which Christ calls us. This work seeks not so much to change minds but to challenge perspectives held by people on various ends of the theological spectrum and to deepen relationships across the Diocese,” Waldo said.

The entire document is available on the Diocesan website: www.edusc.org.