Update on search for a new Fort Worth provisional bishop

Posted Jun 1, 2012

[Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth] The Rev. David Madison, president of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Standing Committee,  issued the following update May 29 concerning the search for the diocese’s next provisional bishop.

Dear Friends:

I would like to update the Diocese on the discernment and selection process for the next Bishop Provisional of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Let me begin by recognizing that a search for a Bishop Provisional is a unique process conducted, pursuant to the canons, by the Diocese in consultation with the Presiding Bishop, through the R.t Rev. F. Clayton Matthews, Bishop for the Office of Pastoral Development and Bishop Suffragan to the Presiding Bishop. The Standing Committee and the Presiding Bishop’s Office will work together to identify a member of the House of Bishops in good standing who could be considered to lead this Diocese. The Standing Committee will formally nominate a candidate for election by the delegates at our Diocesan Convention in November.

At this point in the process we are obliged to abide by the request of the Presiding Bishop’s Office that we not mention specific names of candidates. Many of the candidates are currently charged with other episcopal oversight; announcing the names of those under consideration could impair their current ministries and leadership responsibilities. Also, some on our list of consideration might not discern a call to this ministry. All these issues are best handled pastorally by the Presiding Bishop. We should support her by honoring her wish to not mention candidate names publicly at this time. As a Standing Committee we value transparency in all that we do and will release more information as soon as we possibly can.

Members of the Diocese can still actively participate in the process. Ultimately the delegates to the Diocesan Convention this November will have voice and vote as they select our next provisional bishop. Many of you have already contacted members of the Standing Committee to share opinions, suggestions, and perspectives about the next bishop. The Standing Committee values your input and will take it to heart as we proceed with this ministry to which we have been called.

Finally, please continue to keep the Standing Committee and its work in your prayers. This is serious work that will take us one step closer to our Diocese’s being able to call a permanent Diocesan bishop, hopefully in a 12-24 month window after we call the next provisional bishop that God has already selected to lead us in the next important stage of our life as a diocese.

As always, please contact us if you wish to discuss this matter or provide additional feedback.

You may use my email address or the address of any of the members of the Standing Committee listed below.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. David A. Madison
Standing Committee, President
Standing Committee of the Diocese of Fort Worth

Martha A. Fagley, Secretary

Margaret D. Mieuli

The Rev. William Stanford

Elinor Normand

The Rev. Susan Slaughter