‘Traveling the Way of Love’ special episode: Triangle of Hope

Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
Posted Jul 8, 2020

Traveling the Way of Love, the Way of Love video series from The Episcopal Church Office of Communication, is offering a special episode, focusing on the Triangle of Hope, which is now available for viewing on The Episcopal Church website and on The Episcopal Church Facebook page.

Hosted by Chris Sikkema, the Office of Communication’s manager for special projects, Traveling the Way of Love shares stories of the ways people across The Episcopal Church practice the Way of Love with each episode highlighting one of the seven Way of Love practices: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest. This special episode focuses on the practice of Go.

In this special episode, developed with The Episcopal Church Office of Global Partnerships and filmed in late 2019, Sikkema visits with the Tsedaqah community and others from the Diocese of Liverpool in England. Tsedaqah is a community of young adults representing dioceses in locations that participated in the Triangle of Despair that fed and nourished the transatlantic slave trade. Through worship, communal life, and service to the community, they work toward reconciliation and transformation of the Triangle of Despair to a triangle of hope. The episode participants – Nelson Pike of The Episcopal Church’s Young Adult Service Corps, the Rev. Nana Akwasi Kessie of the Diocese of Kumasi in Ghana, and the Rev. Canon Malcolm Rogers, MBE, of the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool – talk about what it has meant for them to practice their Christian understanding of Going, whether that has entailed crossing an ocean or a cobblestone street.

“Participating in the Triangle of Hope pilgrimage programme has helped me build new relationships with friends across the Communion,” said Rev. Kessie, “Especially in Liverpool and Virginia and across the Church of England and The Episcopal Church. The listening and sharing exposed me to the different mission theories and practices in other parts of the Anglican Communion. I also came to appreciate the differences and similarities in our liturgy.”

Canon Rogers adds, “The Triangle of Hope is a remarkable project. Although it has been in existence for many years, its work of promoting racial justice and reconciliation is more relevant and needed than ever. It brings together partners from around the historic transatlantic triangle, and supports them in their ongoing relationship, reflecting on the evils of the past, imagining and working hard to transform a triangle of despair into a Triangle of Hope. It does this through youth pilgrimages, diocesan connections, advocacy, workshops, seminary connections, micro business partnerships, connections with the Mothers Union and Episcopal Church Women, and much more.”

To facilitate the use of this video by individuals or small groups for discernment and reflection, an Episode Guide, Meditation Guide, and other resources are provided here. These resources can also be adapted for online instruction as well, and in conjunction with any Way of Love curricula.

If you missed Season 1 of Traveling the Way of Love, or want to go back and watch again, individual episodes, including Episode Guides and additional resources, are available here.

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