Theological educational grants awarded

For Episcopalians, Anglicans in Caribbean, Latin America

Posted Oct 22, 2013

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs – press release]  The Commission for Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CETALC) has awarded 26 grants in six categories plus administrative funding for more than $299,443 to support the educational, theological and formational needs of the church in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The grants were approved by the Episcopal Church Executive Council at its October meeting.

CETALC was formed after the 1976 closing of the Episcopal Seminary of the Caribbean, located in Puerto Rico. At that time, the Episcopal Church Executive Council established the Trust Fund for Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the funds from the sale of the property earmarked to support the theological education programs of the dioceses that were using the seminary.

The six categories of CETALC grants are: diocesan programs; provincial and regional programs; continued theological education; research and production in the theological field; graduate studies scholarships; Leonardo Romero scholarships.

Diocesan programs 
• Colombia: $7,500.00
• Costa Rica: $10,000.00
• Cuba: $10,000.00
• Dominican Republic: $10,000.00
• Ecuador Litoral: $9,000.00
• El Salvador: $10,000.00
• Guatemala: $10,000.00
• Haiti: $10,000.00
• Honduras: $10,000.00
• Mexico Cuernavaca: $8,000.00
• Mexico DF: $10,000.00
• Mexico South East: $10,000.00
• Northern Mexico: $10,000.00
• Panama: $10,000.00
• Puerto Rico: $10,000.00
• Recife, Brazil: $10,000.00
• Venezuela: $7,500.00
• Virgin Islands: $9,000.00
• Western Mexico: $10,000.00

Provincial and regional programs
• Province IX: $ $28,500.00
• IARCA – Anglican Center for Higher Theological Studies
(CAETS in Spanish). $28,500.00

Continued theological education program  
• The Rev. Canon Jose Francisco Salazar of Venezuela: $4,500.00

Research and Production of Theological Resources
• Laura Sarraf Fundora, Diocese of Cuba: $3,897.00

Graduate Studies
• Izaias Torquato da Silva, Diocese of Recife, Brazil: $6,667.00

Leonardo Romero Scholarship
• The Most Rev. Francisco Manuel Moreno, Northern Mexico: $3,000.00
• The Rt. Rev. Julio Murray, Panama: $3,000.00

Administrative work
• CETALC: $40,379.37

The following are the CETALC members:
• The Episcopal Church: The Rt. Rev. William Gregg, Diocese of North Carolina; The Rev. John L. Kater, Dioceses of California and Hong Kong
• Mexico: The Rev. Alba Sally Sue Hernandez; Ms. Magali Zarco Osnaya
• IARCA:  The Rev. Eduardo Chinchilla; The Rt. Rev. Carlos Enrique Lainfiesta
• Province IX:  The Rt. Rev. Julio Cesar Holguin, Diocese of the Dominican Republic; The Rev. Emily Morales, Diocese of Puerto Rico
• Brazil: The Rt. Rev. Filadelfo Oliveira
• Cuba: The Rev. Dr. Marienela de la Paz
• Haiti:    The Rev. Abiade Lozama
• Virgin Islands: Rosalie Simmonds Ballantine, Esq.
• Ex-Oficio: Ms. Amanda de la Cruz Ybert – CETALC Treasurer
• Staff: The Rt. Rev. Wilfrido Ramos; The Rev. Glenda McQueen

For more information, contact The Rev. Glenda Episcopal Church Officer of Latin America and the Caribbean.