‘Tech Talks’ from the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina offer parishes tech-solutions for all demographics

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina
Posted Jul 6, 2021

From top to bottom: Trinity, Asheville, Grace, Morganton, St. Paul’s, Wilkesboro, and Transfiguration, Saluda.

The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina has released a video series entitled “Tech Talks” aimed at helping parishes find technology solutions for their demographics and budget.

The series, released on May 19, 2021, travels to four different parishes around the diocese to talk about their technical setups and equipment. The parishes range in size and demographics, from large, urban parishes to smaller, rural communities. The series sits down with the rectors and tech assistants at each parish to talk about what they’ve learned about technology over the past year and then walks through their technical setups for live streaming, including sound systems, cameras, and software. Each video also includes links to all of the equipment mentioned in the videos to further assist parishes as they seek technical setups.

Recommended viewing order of the videos from the simplest setup to most complex setup is Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Saluda, Grace Episcopal Church, Morganton, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Wilkesboro, and finally Trinity Episcopal Church, Asheville. The parishes featured in the series are from four of the six deaneries in the Diocese of Western North Carolina.

The series is currently available on the Diocese WNC YouTube channel.