St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Encinitas Awards Choral Scholarship to Local Student

St Andrews Episcopal Church, Encinitas, CA
Posted Mar 6, 2019

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church at 890 Balour Dr. in Encinitas, California has awarded a Choral Scholarship to local student, Jack Deane. The scholarship covers a portion of tuition and books as well as funds Deane’s role as primary tenor in the St. Andrew’s choir.

Jack Deane began singing in musical theater productions over a decade ago, performing such roles as Lucky in Waiting for Godot, The Musical and Captain Hook in Peter Pan. He also plays several instruments, but focuses primarily on the guitar. Having sung with the St. Andrew’s choir while in high school, Deane shares, “I enjoyed it very much and when I heard they had the position available, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Deane is currently a sophomore at Palomar College and will transfer to Cal State San Marcos in the fall of 2019. An English major with an emphasis in writing, he endeavors to teach both high school and college. On his affinity for music, Deane explains, “Music is a very big part of my life that I have dedicated a lot of hard work to; I hope to maintain a substantial amount of music in my life moving forward. I know I will always value playing, listening to, and learning about music.”

St. Andrew’s, a member of the broader Episcopal Church of the United States, is known in Encinitas for its dedication to service—they host such outreach programs as a regular Food Pantry, community meal, and mobile showers—plus their bold proclamation that “God loves everyone; no exceptions!” Deane can be heard singing his tenor role in the St. Andrew’s choir each Sunday at the 10:00 am service.