Sandy Hook children depicted as angels in Christmas decorations

Posted Dec 25, 2012

[Washington National Cathedral] The children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School who were killed last Friday are being remembered in Washington National Cathedral’s Christmas decorations this year. Twenty childlike angels made of paper doilies adorn the altar in the Children’s Chapel of the Cathedral, each representing one of the children from Newtown, Connecticut. Each angel stands between eight and ten inches tall and has white feathers as wings and gold wire as halos. They sit on clouds made of white, fluffy cotton and placed along the altar.

“These angels are spontaneous presentations made in loving memory of the children lost in Newtown, Connecticut,” said Linda Roeckelein, head of the Cathedral’s Altar Guild, which is made up of more than 100 volunteers. “They all sit in a row on the altar, as if on clouds in Heaven, representing the idea that they are on their way somewhere safe together. They’re designed as how a child might make them as crafts in school.”

The Children’s Chapel in the Cathedral is designed to a scale for six-year-old children, including child-sized chairs, an organ and intricate metalwork. The Sandy Hook angels will be on display through Epiphany, January 6, 2013.

Images of the angels in the Cathedral can be found online at: