Province I School for Deacons Offers Diaconate Videos

Province I School for Deacons
Posted Jan 25, 2023

ImageIn an effort to raise awareness of the ministry of Deacons in the Episcopal Church (TEC) and to support discernment toward a call to diaconal ministry, Province I School for Deacons is sharing their new “Deacons Make a Meaningful Difference” video along with five topical short “teaser” trailers.

Funded by the combination of a Province I Sowing Seeds Grant, a grant from the Episcopal Church in Connecticut’s Companions in Mission for Publishing and Communications initiative, and private donations, the videos feature Deacons-in-action showing and telling the compelling stories of their varied ministries.

“Several Province I Archdeacons were looking for promotional materials to distribute at diocesan events and parish visitations,” according to Province I School for Deacons Dean, The Rev. Dr. Lynda Tyson.  “Rather than consuming paper and ink, we decided to invest in videos that can be shared widely and on demand, with no distribution expense.  We hope dioceses and parishes throughout the Church will take advantage of this resource, whether or not they are in New England,” she continued.

Cinematographer and producer Peter Swanson is no stranger to TEC.  His company, Global Visions & Associates, Inc., has produced projects for the Diocese of Western Massachusetts as well as the Presiding Bishop’s office.  His film “Let There be Light,” featuring the creation of Washington National Cathedral’s stained glass windows, won the Best of the Festival award at the 2013 Washington DC Independent Film Festival (

Province I School for Deacons is a two-year Deacon formation collaborative of the dioceses of CT, ME, NH, RI, VT, and WMA, now in its eighth year.  Their Deacon videos are available for viewing and sharing via this link: Province I School for Deacons Videos.  For more information please contact