Presiding Bishop offers tribute to former President George Herbert Walker Bush

Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
Posted Dec 1, 2018

The following statement from Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is in tribute to Former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

With a grateful nation, and many around the world, we of the Episcopal Church give thanks to God, the source of life and love, for the life, the public and private witness of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Through his enduring commitment to public service and his steadfast devotion to his family, he lived the way of Jesus through a life shaped by faith, hope and, above all, love. Through his unswerving service to our country and to the human community around the globe, he embodied the noblest ideals of his faith and his country.

President Bush will be an enduring reminder that virtues like kindness, gentleness and goodness are among the things that truly endure, and that chart the way to our living as the human family of God.

In him we have beheld a great soul, and been reminded of the hope that, by God’s grace, we can live likewise.

May his soul and the souls of all the departed rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
The Episcopal Church