Participants sought for study of sermon preparation processes

University of Michigan
Posted Jun 6, 2019

Participants are sought from a variety of denominations and religions for a research study of preachers’ sermon preparation processes. A 1-2 hour interview, in person or via video conference, is required.

The purpose of the study is to develop an understanding of the actual composing processes of sermon writers and the ways in which sermon writers conceptualize their task. Through this research, I hope 1) to understand how writers conceptualize the sermon genre, how they compose sermons, and how the social context influences the sermons produced; 2) to understand sermons’ use of other texts, broadly conceived; 3) to understand the connection between written and spoken texts and the texts’ intentions to influence listeners’ beliefs and actions; and 4) to learn more about religion’s role in American life from those who have committed themselves to sustaining faith traditions in an increasingly secular world.

If you’d like more information or are interested in participating in the study, please send an email to principal investigator Christine Modey, Ph.D.,