Office of Finance issues updated report on diocesan commitments

Posted Jul 1, 2014

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] The Episcopal Church Office of Finance has issued a mid-year updated report on diocesan commitments.

N. Kurt Barnes, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, announced that all Episcopal dioceses located in the United States and nearly every non-United States diocese have committed to the 2014 budget of The Episcopal Church.

He indicated that
• 42 dioceses have committed to the full 19% asking level adopted by General Convention 2012.

• 39 dioceses are contributing between 10% and 19%.

• Commitments have been received from every diocese except one.

“The commitments from the dioceses for 2014 total $26.8 million,” Barnes said. “The revised budget assumed $25.8 million. We are especially thankful for those dioceses that are able to make commitments at the full 19% asking level established by a vote of the General Convention, and we appreciate those dioceses that are striving to increase their commitments each year.”

A complete list of diocesan commitments appears here.

The 2014 revised budget adopted by Executive Council is here.
Barnes also noted that trust funds, income from which accounts for 25% of the annual budget, continued their exceptional performance.  “Annual returns after all fees and expenses were 15.2%, 16.5% and 7.2% for the one-, five- and 10-years ending March 31, 2014 – ranking within the top quartile of all foundations with assets over $50 million,” he said. “We invite any Episcopal entity to co-invest with the DFMS.” 

Additional information appears here.

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