New ‘Youth in Leadership’ Video Series 

The Diocese of Atlanta
Posted Mar 31, 2021

They have the mic.

Youth of The Diocese of Atlanta are launching a new interview series hosted by and featuring youth. “Youth in Leadership” will feature young people who have stepped up in evident ways in their call to embody Jesus’ work here on earth: to lead with love – especially during the pandemic.


Watch the Pilot Episode on March 31, 2021, at 7:30 PM EST.

The series, a project of the Diocese’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, will be hosted by Arianna Cantillo, Diocesan Youth Intern for Digital Media.

Cantillo, a high school senior, and her young guests will have conversations around questions about nurturing a life of faith, the leadership journey, and where along the road these two intersect.

Bishop Rob Wright said Cantillo’s interviews will “showcase the leadership of the young people of the Diocese of Atlanta, and how with a clear sense of purpose, they are following Jesus by serving the world during the pandemic and beyond.”

Each segment will highlight how youth and youth leaders thrive in leadership roles, the challenges they face, how those around them inspire them and how they inspire others.

The program builds upon Bishop Wright’s longstanding commitment to including youth in leadership.

In 2014, Wright commissioned twelve clergy and lay leaders to evaluate and make recommendations for changes to Diocesan Youth Ministry Programs. A year later the task force was expanded as the Commission on Youth Ministry, which includes youth, young adults, and adults who plan and execute programs while continuously evaluating and streamlining youth ministry in the Diocese of Atlanta.

Other diocesan youth leadership innovations include Steps to Lead, a competitive application program for rising 10th, 11th, 12th graders and those graduating each May. The intense retreat, led by Bishop Wright, helps youth who are willing to work hard and make steps towards leading like Jesus.

Steps to Lead participants learn how to grow their capacity to use leadership to address tough problems through partnership and agency. Throughout the retreat young people learn, reflect, and practice how they can use leadership to make a lasting impact as disciples.

Wright said his overarching goal for all diocesan youth programs is to instill the concept that “leadership is the capacity to mobilize others to address tough problems, especially problems we would rather avoid.”

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