National Book Fund: Grant applications received until Feb. 28

Church Periodical Club
Posted Feb 17, 2021

Get your grant applications into the Church Periodical Club National Book Fund now! Go to to apply.

Improve the minds of people you love with books and other media. The deadline to request a grant is Feb 28, 2021. This long-established organization has granted millions of dollars over the years to all people by giving them the opportunity to improve their minds absolutely free! With a little bit of gratitude and some attitude, we know we can reach people in need from prayer books in the pews to educational materials. Many seminarians over the years have received grants for their books for school, including Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. The reach is worldwide. Thank you to every single person who has contributed to providing a means to improve a person’s mind and liberate them with your donations. May you continue to do so. Please like our Facebook page, National Church Periodical Club, and feel free to contact us at