NASA Selects St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, New Orleans as a Community Anchor

Posted Mar 23, 2023

Dr. Cavin Davis, Executive Director, Anna’s Place NOLA/Dodwell House Community Center

Saint Anna’s Episcopal Church in New Orleans recently was a recipient and named as a NASA Community Anchor, one of only 16 institutions in the U.S. to be so named. This grant recognizes the work that St. Anna’s is doing through it’s ‘Out of School’ programming called Anna’s Place NOLA.

The Anna’s Place NOLA program, under the leadership of Executive Director Dr. Cavin Davis, attends to the educational and cultural needs of underserved children in the city of New Orleans. The program has a planned expansion in 2023 to increase its student population to 100+ children. The St. Anna’s community has been investing in this program for over a decade. The average student remains in the program for 8-10 years. All of the students who matriculate have graduated High School and many have gone on to secondary education funded by scholarships.

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