Mental Health First Aid available to all Episcopal churches

General Convention Task Force on Individuals with Mental Illness
Posted Oct 26, 2023

Newly certified Mental Health First Aid Instructors, Baltimore, Maryland.

We are pleased to share the exciting news about General Convention Resolution 2022-A108, which authorizes the training of regional instructors in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). This important resolution paves the way for the provision of basic MHFA training throughout the Provinces of the Episcopal Church, reaffirming our commitment to promoting mental wellness and creating a compassionate, inclusive community.

The Task Force on Individuals with Mental Illness recruited individuals from all corners of the Episcopal Church to participate in Mental Health First Aid Instructor training. On October 25, a group of eleven individuals from eight provinces successfully completed the Mental Health First Aid Instructor training. These newly trained instructors are now ready and available to provide Mental Health First Aid to parishes, clergy groups, dioceses, and community organizations throughout The Episcopal Church.

By empowering these instructors, we seek to create a comprehensive support network that prioritizes mental health within our communities. These trainers will be at the forefront of facilitating MHFA workshops, enabling participants to enhance their understanding, recognition, and response to mental health challenges.

Mental Health First Aid is a comprehensive course that equips participants with the skills to assist those developing mental health problems or experiencing a mental health crisis. With the evidence-based practices provided by this program, individuals can actively contribute towards building mental health literacy and better responding to signs of mental illness.

We encourage every member of the Episcopal Church to actively participate in Mental Health First Aid training. By doing so, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support those in need while fostering greater compassion and understanding within our faith communities.

If you are interested in hosting a Mental Health First Aid training, contact Tammy Pallot from the Diocese of Atlanta, who can assist in finding a trainer near you. Tammy can be reached via email at The availability of trainers marks a significant step towards ensuring mental health support is accessible to all within our Episcopal community.

On behalf of the Task Force on Individuals with Mental Illness,
Tammy Pallot
Diocese of Atlanta, Deputy