Learning Forte Launches Courses to Help Faith Leaders Design Online and Hybrid Experiences

Learning Forte
Posted Jan 12, 2022

Stacy Williams-Duncan and Kyle Oliver

Making an online or hybrid formation experience engaging for participants and effective at meeting learning objectives is difficult without adequate training. Learning Forte, a team led by Episcopal priests and trusted learning and change experts Stacy Williams-Duncan and Kyle Oliver, is launching several signature courses to help faith leaders address this need.

Faith Formation in a Hybrid World begins January 28. This four-week facilitated course is primarily intended for ministry leaders working in congregational, judicatory, and parachurch settings. It will guide participants through exploring online and hybrid faith formation possibilities in their context and planning an offering such as a retreat, study, or other communal experience.

Design + Deliver: Intensive on Teaching Online & Hybrid Courses begins February 7. This six-week facilitated course is primarily intended for instructors in formal learning settings, including seminaries and robust adult education programs. ​​It will guide participants through a process of applying proven educational practices to their course designs and incorporating personalized expert feedback.

Design + Deliver: Foundations of Teaching Online & Hybrid Courses is an on-demand introductory course appropriate for anyone who teaches or leads formation. This is a self-paced, fully online course with approximately five hours of learning material and activities. It serves as a prerequisite for Design + Deliver: Intensive and comes bundled with that purchase.

You can view all of Learning Forte’s course options at LFLearningHub.com.