Idaho bishop to undergo surgery for prostate cancer

Posted Oct 2, 2013

[Diocese of Idaho] I have some personal health news to share that begins with a success story:  early detection IS everything it is cracked up to be!

With a raised awareness due to some family medical history, my doctors and I have been watching the PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) of my prostate ever since I turned fifty.  18 months ago it took a tick up.  By my last annual physical in April, it had jumped again.  That earned me an appointment with a urologist.

After eliminating the possibility of a prostate infection, it was time for a biopsy, which I had on August 5th.  A quick 3 days later, the urologist confirmed that, not only was my prostate cancerous, but that things had progressed to a level that would require some action.  Therefore, I will have a prostatectomy on October 8th here at St. Luke’s in Boise.

The best news in all of this is that we have the chance to achieve a 100% surgical cure.  Using the most modern robotic equipment- called a Da Vinci Surgical System (see the image below)- the surgeon will laparoscopically remove my prostate with little or no damage to the other important parts down there, as well as survey the whole scene.  He will likely remove some adjacent lymph nodes to include in the pathology examination.

The combination of vigilance, great doctors, and some cool robotics (as well as the prayers of the good people of the Diocese of Idaho and beyond), will likely put an end to my prostate cancer experience.  I will be recuperating at home for a long week, and I plan to be back in the office the third week of October.

So, Ardele and I are eager for your good prayers and invite you to join us in our expectation that all will be well.  We will be getting back to you in a few weeks with the news from my doctors.

Lastly, if you or someone you love has a prostate that is getting to be over 55 years old, some thought should be given to regular PSA checks and the ever-popular digital rectal exam.

That’s all for now, Friends.  We’ll be in touch soon. .Click here for video.

Bishop Brian Thom