Grants for Innovative Evangelism – Applications Due Feb. 5

EES - Episcopal Evangelism Society
Posted Jan 27, 2018

EES, or the Episcopal Evangelism Society, offers grants for innovative evangelism to any Episcopalian in any accredited seminary community or local formation program. Applications are due on February 5, 2018, and it’s important to contact Executive Director Day Smith Pritchartt to help get started. Visit to start the process.

EES looks to the future of the Episcopal Church by listening to those with innovative ideas for evangelism. The goal of the grant process is to help applicants take the next step in making ideas for innovative evangelism projects a reality.

Successful projects often fall into one of three categories: starting new faith communities; giving new skills to existing faith communities that empower them to reach out to others in new ways; and empowering members of faith communities to engage others around a common interest, outside of the church but from a faith perspective.

Contact Day Smith Pritchartt at (703) 807-1862 to begin the process.