Grant application process announced for funding innovative initiatives

Mission Enterprise Zones and New Church Starts

Posted Aug 5, 2013

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] The schedule for the grant application process has been announced for the fund that coordinates two innovative Episcopal Church initiatives: the Mission Enterprise Zones and New Church Starts.

The Five Marks of Mission triennial budget, approved by General Convention July 2012, allots $2 million for the work of establishing Mission Enterprise Zones and for supporting New Church Starts for the First Mark of Mission, To proclaim the Good news of the Kingdom

Matching grants are available for up to $20,000 for a Mission Enterprise Zone and up to $100,000 for New Church Starts.

General Convention 2012’s Resolution A073 established “the Mission Enterprise Fund, to be administered by a grants committee for that purpose established by the Executive Council, with $1 million for the 2013–2015 triennium.”  It also states that “Diocesan Standing Committees and Bishops partner to create ‘Mission Enterprise Zones,’ defined as a geographic area, as a group of congregations or as an entire diocese committed to mission and evangelism that engages under-represented groups, including youth and young adults, people of color, poor and working-class people, people with a high-school diploma or less, and/or people with little or no church background or involvement.”

“Mission Enterprise Zones can be sponsored from revitalizing congregations as well as from revitalize dioceses,” the Rev. Thomas Brackett, Episcopal Church Missioner for New Church Starts and Missional Initiatives, said.  “These Mission Enterprise Zones offer wonderful opportunities for revival.”

The grant application information is available here.

Online applications will be accepted beginning Aug. 5.

Deadline for applications is September 28.

Applications will be considered by the Local Mission and Ministry Committee of Executive Council, serving as the review committee for the grant applications.

Grants will be awarded October. Funds will be available beginning October 2013.

Brackett is developing a calendar of regional educational forums across the Episcopal Church and noted, “Funding for Mission Enterprise Zones is but one part of a two-way partnership. Ministry leaders are invited to join this emerging churchwide learning community as well as partner with these matching funds. To start with, leaders from across the church will offer best practices and fresh learnings in the following areas: developing a ministry plan; casting a compelling vision for ministry; gathering the core team; recruiting allies in the local dioceses; completing the online application; and crafting a plan to invite and welcome the surrounding community.”

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