Exciting Award Winning Bible Studies

By April Love-Fordham
Posted Nov 21, 2022

The Disorderly Parable Bible Studies, a two-time winner of the Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal, do something no other Bible Studies do. They wrap a modern parable around the scripture to help readers think about ancient scripture in new ways in order to live out their faith. Each book provides excellent discussion questions and suggests meaningful spiritual practices.

James in the Suburbs illustrates the lessons in the Epistle of James using a suburban church whose lives come unhinged as they discover what God is calling them to do. Dismantling Injustice uses the life of an African American congressman, who came of age during the civil rights movement, to demonstrate the meaning of the Song of Solomon.  St. Francis and the Christian Life takes the reader on a pilgrimage to Assisi to discover the meaning of the Epistle to the Galatians. These three volumes are available now at your favorite online bookstores. Learn more at www.aprillovefordham.com

The author, Rev. Dr. April Love-Fordham, with two degrees from Georgia Tech, spent twenty years in the corporate world, including several in Washington, DC as a technology advisor. She worked her way to the executive suite, then retired from the corporate world in her early forties to attend seminary, receiving a master’s from Columbia and a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell while pastoring two churches. Living with her husband and Great Dane in Atlanta, she attends St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church where she sometimes preaches and teaches.  She is available to help you kick off your study: loveford@gmail.com.