Episcopal Urban Caucus issues statement about Supreme Court’s decision on race in college admissions

Episcopal Urban Caucus
Posted Jul 7, 2023

Episcopal Urban Caucus at 2022 Assembly.

The Episcopal Urban Caucus has issued a statement, “A Call to Quicken and Deepen the Work of Racial Justice & Equity” about the June 29, 2023 Supreme Court decision ending the use of race in college admissions. It begins:

“The recent Supreme Court decision eliminating the use of race in college admissions poses a threat to the ongoing work of racial justice, and equity.  It delays the process of repairing the breach caused by present and historic bias and discrimination. The Court’s decision takes place in the context of continued racialized violence and the heightened impact of white nationalism on public policy. The decision is the long-anticipated result of the weakening of initiatives and programs taking affirmative actions to promote equal access, treatment and opportunity in education and employment that began after the Bakke case. This court’s decision distorts the history and purpose of the Equal Protection Clause and substitutes a troubling color-blind analysis that overturns established affirmative action jurisprudence.”

The full text of the statement can be found here.

Founded in 1980, The Episcopal Urban Caucus advocates for issues impacting cities, and its members seek to live out the baptismal covenant daily in support of those who are poor or marginalized.