Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Announces Season Two of Quarantine with Bishop José

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina
Posted Jun 10, 2021

The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina is excited to announce the launch of the second season of Quarantine with Bishop José, aptly named “Kind of” Quarantine with Bishop José. The diocese will be releasing four episodes of Season 2 every Friday at 6PM from June 11-July 2, 2021. Click here to watch the first episode of the series, which will premiere on June 11, 2021 at 6PM.

Quarantine with Bishop José – Season 1 was released in May of 2020 as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. To help members of the diocese and beyond find a reason to laugh amid the anxiety and loneliness of the “new normal,” Bishop José created a series of six videos — and one bonus “Lost File” — to connect with parishioners and help them find a sense of joy in the midst of a challenging year. The videos follow Bishop José and his silly shenanigans as he navigates life in quarantine, from practicing new hobbies to wandering around the empty diocesan office.

Quarantine with Bishop José – Season 1 was deeply beloved by the members of the Diocese of WNC and quickly expanded to a larger audience, both nationally and globally. The videos now have over 45,000 views cumulatively, and the Diocese of WNC received messages from viewers from as far as England and Israel. Bishop Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, even appeared in the final episode of the series, Quarantine with Bishop José – The Lost Files.

Season 2 of “Kind of” Quarantine with Bishop José will follow the bishop as he adjusts to the transition out of quarantine and connects with people around the diocese in person once again. Those who watched Season 1 might even see some familiar faces and hidden Easter Eggs throughout the second season!

To keep up with the release of new episodes, please follow The Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina on Facebook and Instagramor click here to find a full YouTube playlist of Season 2 episodes. New episodes will be released every Friday at 6PM and will be announced on social media.