Episcopal Diocese of Maryland announces strategic partnership with Worship Times

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland
Posted Jan 28, 2020

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland communications team with Michael Gyura, owner and developer, Worship Times. L to R – Jessica Pandolfino, Michael Gyura, Carrie Graves, Jason Hoffman.

BusinessNet LLC, a web development and hosting company in Baltimore County, has worked with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland’s communications team to provide website hosting, email, and website development for many of the diocese’s congregations. On behalf of the entire diocese, the communications team thanks Glenn and Cynthia McCalley of BusinessNet for their patient leadership and work for the past 20 years to build and host websites and email for the diocese, congregations, and ministries during a time of growth, uncertainty and transition on the Internet.

As more congregations and ministries elect to use the diocesan website network and as the role of congregational and ministry websites has changed, the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland has chosen to transition to a new vendor/partner to develop, build, and host its websites.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland has chosen to partner with Worship Times, a full-service ministry digital marketing firm that helps Christian establishments reach more people and potential congregation members. As part of this partnership, Worship Times will develop new websites for ministries and churches within the diocesan network, providing the church community with opportunities to tell its story and grow.

“We are constantly looking for partnerships that enable us to help ministries reach more people, which is what it’s all about at the end of the day,” said Michael Gyura, spokesperson for Worship Times. “By partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, we will be able to reach dozens of churches with our services, showing them what is possible with an effective, optimized website presence.”

The partnership with Worship Times will improve the responsiveness of the websites managed under the diocese’s growing network, to increase the security, quality, and effectiveness of congregational and ministry websites.

“We know how important digital presence is today, which is why, after working on various projects with Worship Times, including episcopalmaryland.org and marylandepiscopalian.org, over the past four years, we know their philosophy and abilities are the perfect match for us,” said Carrie Graves, canon for communications for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. “Worship Times comes with an impressive track record that we feel confident will improve our network’s digital reach. We’re already hard at work and making progress.”

Worship Times provides logo design and branding, website design and development, blogging services, and social media marketing. They are open to working with any kind of ministry or church community hoping to leverage the power of the internet to build a community of love.