Episcopal Faith in Action ads focus on year-round stewardship

Posted Dec 2, 2011

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] To assist in promoting year-round stewardship, a series of ads have been created by the Episcopal Church Office of Communication for use by dioceses and congregations at no cost.

Based on the theme Faith In Action, a different ad is available each month, featuring an appropriate illustration and short message, plus the tagline “Give to your Episcopal Church.”

“The purpose of the Faith in Action campaign is to provide the means for congregations and dioceses to offer monthly reminders about stewardship and thanksgiving, not just at stewardship time,” noted Anne Rudig, Director of Communication.

The ads were designed for multiple uses, including websites, online publications and in printed newsletters and bulletins.

“Creating cultures of gratitude and generosity is a year-round process, this does not happen simply on a day or in a season,” noted the Rev. Laurel Johnston, Program Officer for Stewardship. “The monthly announcements will remind us to embrace a practice of giving as part of our walk with Christ and with one another. Gratitude for all that has been given is the primary response of Christian stewards—a response that needs to be cultivated and celebrated year round.”

The ads are available here:   www.episcopalchurch.org/stewardship

Among the messages on the ads are: Leap for Joy – your reward is great; Serve as a witness to God’s bounty; Surprise: Faithfulness with spring up from the ground; Prepare an offering to the Lord.