EPF responds to US Senate’s findings of brutal torture of prisoners

Posted Dec 12, 2014

[Episcopal Peace Fellowship press release] Responding to the release of the U.S. Senate’s findings of brutal torture of prisoners following 9/11 by the CIA, the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) calls for the prosecution of those responsible on all levels.

“The long-awaited and no doubt redacted in places release of the U.S. Senate’s investigation into our horrific treatment of Guantanamo Prison inmates violates both the Gospel and the Constitution of our country,” said the Rev. Allison Liles, EPF executive director.

“When Jesus told us to love our enemies, I don’t think he meant we should torture and kill them – and then attempt to hide the horror. The incessant CIA torture of prisoners in both Guantanamo and the secret U.S. dungeons throughout the world shreds our nation’s Bill of Rights,” she said.

“It is very troubling that our nation now joins countries like China and North Korea – who we have justifiably called out for decades – in its unspeakable mistreatment of people. All those who created a culture of prisoner torture in the wake of 9/11 must be held responsible – no exceptions.”

“The International Convention on Torture, which the United States has ratified, holds everyone accountable from the torturers, to policy makers, to those who define the policies and implement them. EPF expects our leaders to pursue our moral and legal obligations under the Convention,” said Liles.