Fond du Lac pledges support for relief and development in Africa

Posted Mar 21, 2012

[Diocese of Fond du Lac] The Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac has committed more than $4,500 to support relief and development work in the Great Lakes region of Africa. The distribution of outreach funds was approved by the diocesan executive council in late February and has been made to the Taraja Resource Network.

“Taraja” is a Swahili word meaning “hope,” “dream,” or “aspiration.” The Taraja Resource Network is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in the African Great Lakes region by providing scholarships for high school and college education, funding for micro-economic projects, mentoring, and networking. In a little over a year, there has been sponsorship of one high school student and two college students; funding a fishing project in Rwanda and funding a small office supply business in Kampala, Uganda.

Based in Wisconsin, Taraja works with partners in Africa to identify individuals and families with the greatest need and potential to break out of the cycle of poverty. Partners also serve as mentors or help identify mentors for those who are fortunate to receive aid through Taraja.

Taraja was founded in 2010 in Sheboygan Falls by the Rev. Samuel Nsengiyumva, an Episcopal priest serving St. Peter’s, Sheboygan Falls. Nsengiyumva was the son of peasant parents in a remote village in Africa who with some help from people of good will was able to work his way to graduate school and a successful career.

For more information about Taraja Resource Network, Inc. please contact Samuel Nsengiyumva, founder and president at (920) 226-0050 or