Diocese of California appoints its first Canon for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice

Episcopal Diocese of California
Posted Feb 23, 2024

The Diocese of California is honored to announce the appointment of the Very Rev. Eric Metoyer as our first-ever Canon for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice.

Dean Eric brings to the historic new canon position more than a decade of experience in multi-cultural ministry. As Canon for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice, he will advise the bishop, work directly with congregations, and develop meaningful racial/environmental justice partnerships between the diocese and Bay Area community and interfaith organizations, as well as the broader Episcopal Church.

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Dean Eric is looking forward to returning to diocesan offices full-time in September 2024. Beginning April 1, he will serve in the Canon for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice position on a part-time basis, while he fulfills contracts to serve as part-time supply priest at Grace, Martinez and then in San Francisco through the summer.

More about Dean Eric

The Very Rev. Eric Metoyer is Regional Dean for the diocese’s San Francisco Deanery. In his former diocesan role as Associate for Congregational Ministries, he served the liaison to our various multicultural ministries: Afro Anglican, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Latino, Women’s, and Oasis (LGBTQIA+). He has participated in various national convocations, including those of the Union of Black Episcopalians and Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries.

Dean Eric served as lead anti-racism trainer for DioCal for over ten years. During this time, the training materials evolved to reflect more of the Bay Area’s unique history: including the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery on the people of this region.

Dean Eric also has served the Diocese of California and the wider Episcopal Church as the Province VIII Convener of Multi-Cultural Ministries; a deputy to General Convention (Standing Committee on the State of the Church, Legislative Committee on Racial Reconciliation);  convener of the California Public Policy Network (TEC), meeting on Climate Change and Environmental Racism; and he is a frequent speaker and panelist on congregational development and multi-cultural ministries in The Episcopal Church.

In addition to his work as Regional Dean of San Francisco Deanery, he has served DioCal congregations as a rector, an interim vicar, and a priest associate. His contributions to the broader Bay Area community include serving as a board member of several local non-profits and schools. He lives in San Francisco with his beloved spouse Jessica, their son lives nearby and is a reservist in the United States Marine Corps.

Recent article featuring the Very Rev. Eric Metoyer

The following is a recent article written by the Very Rev. Eric Metoyer and published by The Episcopal Church Office of Racial Reconciliation:  “Our history teaches, not harms us: reflections on Black History Month.