Creation Care Caucus at General Convention

The Episcopal Church Province VIII Network Leader for Creation Care
Posted Feb 28, 2024

In advance of the 81st General Convention, a group of Episcopal clergy and lay leaders in the House of Deputies is organizing a Creation Care Caucus of “Green Deputies” (similar to Green Bishops in the House of Bishops).

“Interested Clergy and Lay Deputies and Alternate Deputies from all Provinces are invited to join this caucus as we prepare for General Convention,” said Emily Hopkins, who convenes the caucus. Hopkins is a Lay Alternate from the Diocese of California.

“Environmental stewardship and creation care are justice work and our sacred duty,” said Canon Barbie O. Bach, Diocese of New Jersey.  “Environmental topics that come before General Convention will need strong voices to ensure we all help God’s good creation.”

According to the published profile for the election of the 28th Presiding Bishop, “We have discerned that the environmental crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today, and that it must be an absolute priority over the next 10 years.”

The purpose of the Creation Care Caucus is to cooperate, coordinate and advocate across the Convention for policies that raise awareness, visibility, and advance support for creation care work at all levels of the church.  Green Deputies may choose to provide testimony for resolutions. Because care of creation, climate justice and social and racial justice are deeply intersectional, the Creation Care Caucus will work in partnership with other established HOD caucuses such as Deputies of Color.

Green Deputies Caucus of The Episcopal Church is on social media at

For more information contact Emily Hopkins at The Creation Care Caucus has been meeting monthly since November 2023 by Zoom and will continue to meet as needed approaching General Convention.